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Businesses best solution for engaging with customers and boost their conversion rate through  The World’s Most Effective Strategic WhatsApp Marketing Automation Website Check Out What You Get By Using Our Features ?

WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns
Create a new channel to deliver your marketing messages for the company’s CRM. Also, Businesses can customize their campaigns according to different variables such as time, behavior , location….
Send Notifications
Through the notification feature, keep your customers updated about your company events or announcements. Moreover, WhatsApp Notifications can be in form of voice-note ,text , picture, video, link, or document.
Automated Bot
Automate the reply of your customers inquires through Massejli artificial intelligence Bot. In other words, Feed your bot with the right content and watch his skills
Automated FAQ Menu
Create a list of frequent asked questions. Since it will  help your customers know more about your products, services, company or store information , and many other kinds of inquiries.
Whatsapp Business API
The WhatsApp Business API is a quick, secure, and solid technique for companies to connect with their clients. Also such integration can be used for the merchants or even employee of the business.

Collect insights about the customers who contacted you through WhatsApp.  Specifically, according to specific filters found in the panel. Since such insights will help businesses know more about how their customers engagements.

Strategic WhatsApp Marketing Automation

We create WhatsApp Marketing Strategies for businesses to implement through Massejli Panel. In fact, the strategic thinking that we use will cover different use cases throughout the company departments such as  marketing, sales, operation, stock..etc .

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