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What is Massejli ?

Massejli is a digital web host panel specialized in Whatsapp Marketing Automation . It helps companies create their whatsapp marketing strategies through using massejli panel features. Our specialized team will act as an account manager . We will follow up with your company when, how , and what to do to start your whatsapp presence.

What is Whatsapp Marketing ?

Whatsapp Marketing is the use of company whatsapp business account  to build a strong connection with their customers through one to one conversation and after that promote their products.

Moreover, Companies can use whatsapp business API to connect the system to their number. Also, this feature will allow them to add extra services to their customers.

What are the features of Massejli ?

The main features of massejli panel are :

  • Whatsapp Marketing Campaigns
  • Send notifications
  • Automated FAQ Menu
  • Automated Bot
  • Whatsapp Business API
  • Insights

What is Marketing Campaigns ?

Marketing campaign is an organized set of actions to promote and sell a product or service. Inorder for companies to start their campaigns they need to detect three main things which are Content, Audience, and Channels .

There many channels to be used in order to implement such campaigns. Examples of such channels are : Social Media, Radio & TV, Street Bill Boards, Flyers, Sms…etc.

What is Whatsapp Marketing Campaigns ?

Whatsapp Marketing Campaigns refers to the practices of using the free messenger app in order to deliver your marketing or advertising messages to the company’s customers. This kind of marketing is relatively new, but it’s popularity is growing increasingly larger, as more marketers and consumers are engaging with Whatsapp app.

What do we need to create whatsapp marketing campaigns ?

  • TARGETED AUDIENCE: Make sure to target the right customer with what the business is promoting through out their campaigns. The target audience might be filtered by purchase behavior, location, age, gender.


  • TAILORED CONTENT: Customers react differently with how companies promote their products or services due to the content used. Businesses need to know which kind of content suits their clients.


  • TIMING : Ideal timing is the key to ensure a successful campaign. What matters the most is knowing when to start the campaign & when to send. Therefore, the right timing will optimize the expected results


  • AUTOMATION : Easier than ever. Massejli offers a  synergistic feature for businesses to send automated messages during their campaigns  and increase their customers’ conversion rate.

Why do businesses need Automated Faq menu ?

Creation of the menu from massejli panel will help businesses enhance the customer engagements in several ways :

1-Target Content
Direct the content you want people to know
2-Fast Reply
Delivers answers within seconds from the inquiry
3-Controlled Answers
Send controlled answers for the questions
4-Heterogeneous Messages
Different kinds of messages Multimedia or Text

What does whatsapp notification means and how to use ?

Whatsapp Notification System informs the user about the received messages on the number. Usually the Notifications from business accounts, consists the name of the sender even if the receiver did not save the company’s number.

Therefore, Businesses can make good use of such features by connecting their whatsapp account number to their system. Such step can be applied through the massejli panel.

What does Automated Bot means ?

Massejli Automated bot which is called Biba, will help businesses automate their one-to-one conversations with their customers. Through the advanced  Artificial Intelligence, the response is guaranteed to be quick, controlled, and around the clock.

How does biba the Automated Bot works ?


First stage: Biba will start learning  the basics from words & content.


Third Stage: Biba will learn the why it is correlating the subjects together.


Second stage: Biba will start learning how to correlate the subjects


Final Stage : Biba will start auto learning by the history of the chats

Massejli Frequent Asked Question for WhatsApp Marketing

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