Mastering WhatsApp Marketing through Automated Bot

WhatsApp Automated Bot

Whatsapp marketing through automated bot is very essential for businesses. In order, to have a strong WhatsApp marketing strategy. Businesses need to develop  a responsive Automated bot. Hence, it is one the of the most important feature of Massejli.

The Pareto Principle, states that 80% of human consequences emerge from 20% of the causes. In fact, Specialists also found that 80% of customers engagements can be assessed¬† by an automated chat bot. While, the other 20 % of customers’ engagements will still need direct communication with a human or customer service.

Massejli Automated bot ,which is called Biba, will help businesses automate their one-to-one conversations with their customers. Through the advanced  Artificial Intelligence, the response is guaranteed to be quick and controlled. In addition, it will be around the clock. Consider Biba Bot as a new staff where training is obligatory. Consequently, start feeding it with the required expertise. After that, day by day Biba Bot will develop a tremendous knowledge through one time learning. Moreover, it will optimize the performance to meet at least 70 % of customers questions or inquires.

How Biba Bot Works


First, Biba will start learning the basics from words & content from the user.


Third, Biba will learn the why it is correlating the subjects together.


Second stage, Biba will start learning how to correlate the subjects

Auto Learn

Eventually, Biba will start auto learning by the history of the chats

How to use Whatsapp Marketing through Automated Bot ?

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