Three Words : Massejli WhatsApp Marketing Automation

Massejli is a WhatsApp Marketing Automation web host panel. We, Massejli Panel & Specialists,  help companies activate their WhatsApp Business account. Therefore, our specialized team will construct a marketing strategies through using massejli panel features. Which, means that we will act as an account manager. Also, We will follow up with your company when, how , and what to do in order to optimize the company  WhatsApp business account. Consequently, the account will evolve in a short time to lead the company marketing channels.

The Main Features of massejli panel are :

  • Whatsapp Marketing Campaigns
  • Send notifications
  • Automated FAQ Menu
  • Automated Bot
  • Whatsapp Business API
  • Insights

what massejli Specialist Team do

Account Activation
Activate a Massejli account. Then, link it to the Company WhatsApp Business account. After that, the account will give the user a full access for all Massejli features & insights
Features Execution
Upon the strategy, the team will guide the user to deploy by himself the required features in order to achieve a successful results.  Moreover, we created  Massejli YouTube Chanel . Which includes a full tutorial on how to use the features and why they are important.
WhatsApp Strategy
Create the strategy according to the goals required from the WhatsApp Channel. Given that, the strategy will also include use cases,  campaigns, features, insights analysis, the impact of CRM
Insights Analysis
The data that is given from customers’ conversations is very valuable. Therefore, our team will help the user in transforming it into a useful information through forecasting and analyzing the account insights. To emphasis, we have created a special page for insights.

Massejl WhatsApp Marketing Automation

Check out a live example of how it can be applied to the marketing plan for the businesses across all Top Industries