Restaurants WhatsApp Marketing Strategy through WhatsApp Business API


Today’s restaurants are racing for new and effective ways to manage and boost their CRM. And one of the best ways  to achieve that will be  by increasing the quality of their customer service and engagement. Hence Massejli’s WhatsApp business API is the new way to get in touch with your customers and optimize the the Restaurant Whatsapp Marketing Strategy.

Restaurants are using all possible technologies and marketing channels to penetrate or even maintain their postilion in the industry. Because they know very well having a delicious plate is no more enough for them to survive. In the food service industry, restaurants need to utilize every competitive advantage they can exploit. Massejli’s restaurant WhatsApp business API is that competitive advantage.

One of the trendiest marketing channels that only few restaurants are implementing is the WhatsApp messaging application. In addition, everybody knows that 90 % of the people, depending on the region, knows using this application. Therefore missing the chance to engage with your audience through WhatsApp will cost the business an immense opportunity cost.

One of Massejli’s features is WhatsApp business API, which provides a direct one to one feedback from your customers. And in order for restaurants to start that, they only need to link their number to WhatsApp business API. After that you can create a constructive use case for customers’ feedback, and then apply it to the restaurant WhatsApp Marketing strategy.

WhatsApp Business API for Restaurants WhatsApp Marketing Strategy

Use Case Example

When the customer calls and orders a delivery , the restaurant can send him a direct whatsapp message which may include:

Thank you for your purchase. Your order will be delivered within 30 mins. Kindly contact us on this whatsapp number for your helpful feedback.