Remind your customers of their appointments with just one click

Send invoices to each customer individually

The click on the button allows you to remind all your customers of their appointments, through WhatsApp massejli and through the data table feature, which is one of the many features offered by this service.

If you are a doctor, a lawyer, or you have a beauty salon, a hotel, or a restaurant…  you will be able to remind everyone of reservations or appointments for each number separately. Away from the trouble of registering names and sending a message to each person.

The data table will also ensure that customers trust you after dealing with a professional, developed, and skilled person like you. Increase the percentage of loyal customers who will look forward to working with you again.

You will have actually gained time, trouble, and effort on the one hand and loyal customers on the other.

As for the bills and your luxuries, the receivers are also a reminder of their documents for each customer separately, so the message you drafted for them, for example, hello, dear owner of the number *******, we want to remind you that your bill for October is ****** and thank you.

All you have to do is two steps:

data table

Create a file in data table

You can send messages to each person individually through the data table by recording them in excel only.

Click on the plus sign to bring up a new page. Choose a name for the table and click on Choose File.
The excel file must contain valid numbers. Click here to know the details.

Link data table to send message

Go to Send a message. Choose to send it to the table.  But when you write the content of the message, you must be sure to fill the content of the message in there suitable place. according to the number of columns between brackets {{ }} and the phone number {{phone}}.

Do these steps to reach each number separately, and to remind customers of their appointments.

When you have completed the steps, press Submit.

Do you want to send the scores of each student individually via WhatsApp?

for example

Schools can also take advantage of data table feature, in several field.

You can send the installments to each parent separately, and at the end of each semester the class supervisor can send the students’ grades to their own number.

Therefore, it can be said that the data table feature in the WhatsApp massejli service is already effective at all levels in terms of creating links with customers and converting them from just regular customers to loyal ones, saving the great effort and time needed to enter each number alone.

Moreover, You can abandon this employee because the process with my massejli is much easier and you can do it on your own.

With WhatsApp massejli, you saved effort, time and money, won customers, grewed and organized your business.

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